No current DXpedition QSL projects in progress.

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Vintage photo of the 1979 SJDXA officers
N2CW (sk), K2TJ (sk), N2OO, W2SQT (sk) and KZ2I


SJDXA Club Station N2CW
Former Coastal Marine Station WSC

South jersey

Photo by KA2PFL

SJDXA members operating in the CQWW 160 SSB Contest as N2CW

SJDXA Members presented with plaques of appreciation from the K5D Desecheo DXpedition team for their devoted service to the DX Community

2015 QSL Project.

Updated February 8, 2019

2016 QSL Project

SJDXA has been doing QSL Manager projects for major DXpeditions since 2005.
These included 3Y0X, VU7RG/VU7MY, K5D, HK0NA, FT5ZM, K1N, VP8STI/VP8SGI/VP8IDX. Also all of YF1AR/YE1AR IOTA DXpeditions.

Visitors and New members are welcome

2014 QSL Project

PO Box 345 Tuckerton NJ 08087 USA

Meetings are held at the WYRS transmitter site 

at 180 Murphy Dr (end of road). West Creek, NJ

10:00 AM every 4th Tuesday of the month. Weekend General membership meetings held in June & December 
Send email for exact time.